What diseases can be a cause of the low sexual drive in women?

Sexual relations with a partner are meaningful in the happy marriage. Every woman experiences a splash and fading of the sexual drive. It is a natural physiological process related to the increase/decrease of the hormone concentration. But if the sexual drive is inhibited for a long period, it is probably a sign of the sexual disorder.

A decreased interest may lead to the worsening of the sexual relation quality, pain during the sexual intercourse, and a complete loss of interest to sex.

The female sexual disorders are not a single disease, but a result of the failures in the body. doctors distinguish several groups of disorders when women have a low libido:

  • Hormone disorders
  • Psychological disorders
  • Neurological diseases

Decreased interest because of the hormone disorders

It is the most common cause of the decreased sexual activity in women. Hormones control not only the physiological but also psychological health of every person. And the influence of hormones on the body is stronger due to the peculiarities of the female physiology.

Possible pathologies:

  • Decreased level of testosterone. The female body has this male hormone in some amount. But it is responsible for the sexual drive.
  • Imbalance of the male and female sexual hormones
  • Increased production of prolactin. This hormone lowers libido.
  • Diseases of the thyroid body with changed hormone production

Decreased interest because of the psychological disorders

It is the second common cause of the reduced sexual drive in women. The difference is that psychogenic factors cause an instant absence of libido, but libido is quickly restored after the recovery of the emotional state of a woman.

Possible pathologies:

  • Severe stress (chronic, acute). The hormone level drops because of the stress, anxiety appears, and the central nervous system is not ready to the sexual intercourse
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Depression
  • Anxiety, concern – lack of confidence and uncertainty of own attractiveness. It is a rather common cause of the decreased interest in women, especially during sexual intercourse with a new partner.

Any emotional tension prevents from concentration on the sexual activity and relaxation. And so a woman loses an interest to the sexual intercourse. If special medications are required during the hormone disorders in order to restore the hormone balance, it will be enough to take Lady Era during psychogenic factors. It is a stimulator of the sexual function that will help to relax and get rid of the negative thoughts, stress, and anxiety.

Neurological diseases

It is a seldom cause of the absence of the sexual drive in women but it requires more complex and longer treatment. In some cases, a complete recovery is impossible, so that a sexual drive is not restored.

Possible pathologies:

  • Cerebral circulation disorder
  • Tumors of basal gland and brain
  • Neurological disorders
  • Affection of the spinal cord

Bear in mind that the modern medicine has great opportunities to restore libido regardless of a cause of the decreased interest. Do not simulate in the bedroom, or on the contrary, do not avoid a sexual intercourse. Accept the problem and talk to your partner, and it will help to return a strong libido.